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Sunday, October 11, 2020

5 best technology blogs of bangladesh

 5 best technology blogs of Bangladesh

digital platform in bangladesh

Bangladeshi people are very good at technology. But in it is so hard to find technology related blog.

Because most of the Bangladesi technocrat work as freelancer. 

They build tech related website for foreign country. It's just because of financial purpose.

Here is list of 5 best technology related blog of Bangladesh.


digital bangladesh projects is one of the best Bangladesh. They are number one technology blogger in Bangladesh.

They write very informative article. Techtune is the pioneer of the digital platform in Bangladesh.

2) Pc is in the 2nd position in our list. you can find "a2i digital bangladesh" in their blog.

future of ict in bangladesh

3) Tech tweets is in the third possition.

digital bangladesh paragraph for hsc

They are helping Bangladesh by providing digital information. 

Their role of technology in economic development in bangladesh is the best.

4) Bangladesh smart tech dot com is in fourth position.

digital bangladesh wikipedia

5) If you have a tech website send it to me. I will add your website in fifth position.

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